Saturday, March 1, 2008

Welcome to the Fantasy Baseball 101 Blog!

This blog will provide updates on recent news as well as analysis on trades, transactions, injuries and other events that may have an impact on your fantasy baseball team.

A few quick items for our first entry:

(1) Two things out of the Atlanta Braves camp: First, Javy Lopez has been signed and may be the favorite to backup Brian McCann. In shallow NL-only leagues, Lopez may be a decent pick for a second catcher spot. Although older than Yoda, Lopez can still hit a few out of the park if he gets some playing time. Second, pay close attention to Jair Jurrjens, competing for a rotation spot. Although he got roughed up on Friday, he has a good chance to earn the 5th spot in the rotation and scouts rave about his “stuff”. In fact, USA Today ranked him number 48 on a list of 100 names to know for 2008. (Sports Weekly’s 100 Names You Need to Know in 2008 -

(2) Juan Gonzalez – Yes, THAT, Juan Gonzalez, is attempting a comeback with the Cardinals. Although a long shot, the Cardinals offensive roster is not what it was the past few seasons. Gonzalez is off to a good start, hitting a three-run homer off Johan Santana on Friday.

(3) The Washington Post quoted Ryan Zimmerman making the following statement in Spring Training: Management has “done a good job of turning the whole organization around in about two years. We got a lot better and a lot younger at the same time," Ryan Zimmerman said. In a new ballpark, "we have six or seven guys who may become 30-homer hitters. Nick Johnson, Austin Kearns and I think we can. You watch Lastings Milledge and his hands are unbelievable. Elijah Dukes is Lastings with more pop. Wily Mo Pena may hit the ball further than anybody. We got two good-hitting catchers now. Felipe Lopez hit (23) homers in Cincinnati. Right now, we might have as much potential as any team in the league."

Nick Johnson hitting 30 home runs, especially after his injuries, seems a bit far fetched. But do not be surprised if the Nationals hitting is better than expected. Pena, Milledge, and Kearns have been highly touted for years. Accordingly, feel free to draft hitters from the Nats, but steer far away from their pitching staff. Individual ERA’s were frightening in a pitcher’s park; this year they could be astronomical.

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