Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Corey Patterson: Rebirth of Slick?

Corey Patterson is hitting .474 this spring, mostly in the leadoff spot.
"I always thought he'd be a good leadoff man," Baker said. "He's got all the tangibles to be a leadoff man. Maybe sometime you're not ready. When he came up, he didn't know how to bunt. They said he was going to be a 30-30 man and it got in his head."

In Great American ballpark I think it would be hard to ignore the potential sleeper that is Corey Patterson. Fantasy GM's are getting a bargain for him thus far as he has dropped to bargain basement level in drafts and is selling for pennies on the dollar at auction. Patterson should be on everyone's radar by now and those who shy away for fear of Jay Bruce are forgetting who is at the helm for Cincinnati: Dusty Baker - Mr. Veteran. Draft or buy Patterson NOW.

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