Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Fantasy Baseball Playoffs

There’s Only ONE October!!! Really? And, only once a year can you play Fantasy Baseball Play-offs! And I bet you thought fantasy baseball season was over. Wrong.

Play-offs!?! Play-offs!?! Yes, fantasy baseball head to head play-offs exist.

Recently, my two best baseball buddies held a brief post-season draft. You can follow the standings here. If you need help incorporating into your local leagues, let me know and I can get you the spreadsheet. In general, you should follow typical h2h draft strategy (ignore pitchers, grab good hitters, diversify and claim HRs and SBs where possible).

Our version of post-season FB adds a new dimension: playing time, i.e. there is no redraft once players are eliminated.

So it behooves you to factor in players who will advance because then you get more pitching appearances and with that greater opportunities for Wins, Strike-outs, Saves, etc and more at-bats, which should help in almost every hitting category.

Still, I tend to agree that the baseball play-offs are more or less a crapshoot. So I draft on best available, others though draft from teams they think will move on. Sure, if two players are close, I’ll roll the dice with the guy on the team I think will go further, but in general, grab best available.

When the Cardinals won the World Series I had the 3rd/4th picks, I took Pujols. I won. Conversely, last year, Chris loaded up on Rockies and was rewarded.

The draft went like this:

Written by Albert Lang


Dan said...

Not taking Ellsbury may have been a strategic error by all of us. don't we remember last years playoffs?

Also, its looking like no one really trusts the halos. what the hell? they were the best team in the AL this year (granted they didn't show it last night). regardless, as always, go sawx.

Albert said...

I think Vlad was a bad pick by you. He is just continually overvalued. He is the new AROD who was the new Bonds. Seriously he has like 1 extra base hit in his last 50 play-off ABs...he looks old...

Should not have taken Werth over Jacoby...