Thursday, May 1, 2008

More Trade Analysis

Trade mediations ( have been among our most popular offerings at in the early going. While the trade itself may not provide interest to the reader we hope for two things: 1) our analysis sheds light on aspects of a player that you may not have considered and 2) the response gives insight into how other leagues establish guidelines for proper trades.

Again, in blue is the trade request and in red is our response:

Team A would receive: Ryan Howard, Asdrubal Cabrera, Rafael Betancourt and Gil Meche

Team B would receive: Álex Ríos, Justin Upton, Tim Lincecum and Joe Nathan

We also offer this tidbit from the mediating requestor (Team A): "Tell me this is not one of the worst trade offers you have seen fora keepers league."

Well we let him know what he wanted to hear, and encouraged him not to make the trade:

Agreed, the person who offered you that trade would have a monster of a team in the upcoming years and pretty handily wins the trade for this season too. Seems to be that they are trying to get you to be swayed by Howard (the best player in the trade this year, and possibly the next 1 or 2) and the fact that Betancourt will be getting some saves in the near future.

Of course, reviewing this response again, one had to wonder: When, when will Howard resume being the Howard of '07? If someone gives up on Howard, then grab him cheaply... but don't take him as the centerpiece of a deal where you have to give up as much as team A is being asked to give up.

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