Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Reviewing an Early Season Trade

Before the season began we were asked who won the below trade.

The Question:
David Ortiz
Kelly Johnson
Boof Bonser
Franklin Moralas


Brandon Phillips
Brett Meyers
Tim Lincecum

I am getting the Phillips side... I'm not realy happy with how my staff turned out so I need some pitching.

Our Answer:
We think you win, and win big frankly. In fantasy, Ortiz for Phillips alone is nearly a fair deal. Add to that you are getting Myers and Lincecum, both aces and terrific in strikeout leagues. Bonser and Morales are big question marks and your league appears deep enough that they are probably borderline waiver material. While Kelly Johnson is solid, he's not enough to make up f
or the three top tier players you are getting with Lincecum, Phillips and Myers.

To defend your trade partner, Ortiz is the best overall player (slightly) and that is usually a good goal for someone making a trade - receive the best player. That added to the fact that your partner is getting two hitters and you are getting just one also minimizes a bit how much you have won the trade. Still, I would have liked to have known what stat categories you league utilizes. There would be no reason for a league to veto this trade.


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